We strive to fully understand your business practices prior to providing a solution.

Your business must become our business.

Having the same goal as our clients migrates our technological expertise into quality, efficient and practical solutions to your ever-changing business needs.


NCSc intends to be the dominant stable, innovative and socially responsible IT firm that provides cutting edge technology solutions. NCSc is committed to building and empowering the most socially diverse workforce in the IT world.

The commitment to operating a socially responsible business is a reflection of the racial and cultural diversity that comprise the core ownership and senior management of NCSc. These core principles are reflected in our socially responsible employment model that emphasizes educating and enriching individuals in the community by creating dynamic employment opportunities within the technology sector.

NCSc invites our current and future clients to partner with us in this vision of empowerment and diversity.


Values: Integrity, commitment, dedication in all client dealings.

Fair Deal: Offer the Best Service for the Best Value.

Process: Deliver on Promises.

Expertise: Our Technical expertise helps us to perform services faster and better which benefits our clients.